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Application Guide
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2009 3:51 pm Reply with quote
If your interested in joining the Celtic Alliance then we will require you take sometime with your application. There are two stages.

Stage one:
The easy part, posting your application.

Register on the forum and once your account has been activated log in, if you haven't received an activation email check your junk/spam folders and then contact a CA member and we will help you find a solution. Once your account is activated, log in and start a topic in the Recruitment  section with your name as the title and post the answers to the following questions:

1. In game name -
2. Country your from -
3. Age -
4. Origin name (if have one) -
5. Steam name -
6. Clan history -
7. Games you play -
8. How active are you each week? (estimated in hours) -
9. Who recruited you/how did you find us -
10. Do you have a microphone? (If not are you willing to get one) and be active on Teamspeak? -
11. Are you willing to be active on the forums -
12. Members are required to use clan tags at all times on steam and in clan games - Are you willing to use clan tags at all times?

Any other information you think would help?

To help with stage one:

Stage two:
Before your application can be accepted/refused you will be required to join Teamspeak, get to know some of the members and play a few games. This will normally take two weeks. Each member will be dealt with individually, the more active you can be the more effort you make will help speed up your application. If we don't see you at all after one week then your application will be refused unless there's good reason as to why you have not been active.

Everyone is different, but we expect members to be mature and to respect others, the clan has a minimum age limit of 16 but at times exceptions are made, if you feel your mature enough then feel free to apply.

If your application is accepted then you will become a recruit. Recruits are normally on a one month trial, this can change for or against you depending on activity.

Good Luck


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